Frank Harmon, FAIA, is the face of North Carolina architecture

“Across the architectural profession, Frank Harmon, FAIA, is the face of North Carolina architecture. Through his words, his deeds, and the work of his firm, he has brought to a national audience a glimpse of the unique character and architectural culture of his home state. Frank Harmon Architects is to North Carolina what MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects is to the maritime province of Nova Scotia. That is, an architectural presence so deeply rooted to the influence of place that one could hardly imagine it existing elsewhere. It is, furthermore, architecture that capitalizes upon the potential of the delicate balance between modernist sensibilities and the pragmatism of the vernacular." – Pearce, Brinkley, Cease + Lee

...their work helped to honor this larger meaning of home

“One of the things that came as a revelation during this process was how Frank and other members of the firm helped us gain a deeper appreciation for what a home really can be, that it is not just a canvas for practical wants and considerations. They helped us explore long-standing emotional connections to other spaces we loved, cherished childhood memories of family homes, and through their work helped to honor this larger meaning of home.” – Gigi Karmous-Edwards & Tony Edwards, Karmous-Edwards Residence

He is truly an architect that “gets it”

“Frank knew how to create a process that made the best use of the Museum expertise and shaped our collective vision into a finished product that has been even better that we had imagined…[He] has been a wonderful partner in creating structures that enhance rather than harm Prairie Ridge as a place where you can hear a frog call, catch a salamander larva, or maybe just sit in the prairie and watch grasshoppers. He is truly an architect that ‘gets it’.” – Betsy Bennett, director, NC State Museum of Natural Sciences, Prairie Ridge Eco-Station, Prairie Ridge Garden Pavilion, Prairie Ridge Eco-Lodge

Frank Harmon Architect PA was my sole destination

“When I decided to design and build a house, Frank Harmon Architect PA was my sole destination. I knew this firm would speak my language. I wanted a modern house, not specifically in terms of mid-century modern, but modern in terms of light, materials, and the poetry of space as I knew it and as I knew Frank Harmon Architect PA could interpret. Following conversations in this vein, this firm created for me a space for living which invokes the sensual, visual and tactile that I discovered in childhood...I dance in this house – in the total freedom of movement created as I step in and through its unobstructed spaces.” -- Lynda Strickland, Strickland-Ferris Residence

...it was a pleasure to work with Frank and his design team

“From the inception of the process of designing a new visitor’s center, it was a pleasure to work with Frank and his design team.  We knew that we wanted something different, which would fit in with the landscape of a state park as well as enhance the resource.  Through our many meetings with Frank Harmon and associates we were able to realize our visions.  Frank Harmon was able to take all of our ideas and needs and create a space that was extremely useful, economical, cost efficient, and pleasing to all park visitors.” -- Jay Greenwood, Park Superintendent, Merchants Millpond State Park

Working with Frank has always been a delight.

“Working with Frank has always been a delight.  He is incredibly creative, but also very accommodating to the needs of his clients.  I was actually brazen enough to suggest a major re-design in the middle of the OCC process, and Frank was extremely gracious and produced yet another, even more creative and imaginative design!  One of the things I like best about Frank is his use of young, bright teams to develop his designs, always in close cooperation with his clients. I can’t say enough about Frank and his team’s imagination, expertise, energy, and persistence in every activity I have engaged with them.” -- Michael K. Orbach, Professor of Marine Affairs and Policy and Director of Coastal Management Program, Duke Univ. Ocean Conservation Center