We are a client-based design practice. The story of our projects, whether a 70,000-square-foot corporate headquarters or a playhouse for children, is told through the conversations we have with our clients and the particular chemistry of the sites upon which we build. The results are portraits of our clients, as diverse and individual as they are. 

Underpinning our practice are professionalism and sustainability in the widest sense. We work as a relatively small, close-knit team with a carefully chosen number of projects, enabling us to offer an exceptional level of service to our clients. Our work has won  55 design awards and is published internationally. 

We recently moved our office to the AIA NC Center for Architecture and Design at 14 East Peace Street in downtown Raleigh, a building we designed as a competition in 2008, completed in 2012, and intended as a sustainable workplace. It is the beginning of a new chapter in the life of our practice, one that seeks to bring good architecture to a broader public. We hope to see our clients, friends, students and colleagues there very soon.

“I believe that one of the primary goals of architecture is to make it possible for people to understand the world around them. If we sense that a building is rooted in the earth and warmed by the sun, that fresh air flows through its windows and its materials are friendly to the touch, then we may feel that the building belongs to its place, and so do we.” - Frank Harmon, FAIA